Book review: Bloodstone – Deep Water, Book One; Jeffrey Aaron Miller

bldstI enjoyed this fantasy novel, in large part because the author, Jeffrey Aaron Miller, writes well.

Without giving too much away: The protagonist is Jeren, a son of minor nobility who is not a rule-follower.  A vicious, one-sided war and a stranger with mysterious powers disrupt Jeren’s quiet life and force him to the edge of ruin. A strong young woman named Aleas, not disposed to respect Jeren, is compelled by circumstances to join him.

Miller’s writing is clear; descriptive without being overcooked. I always say a silent thanksgiving, for example, whenever a writer can describe his characters eating without overreaching for yet another slurp or munch.

And here’s a description of Aleas:

“Nevertheless, he fell asleep thinking of her, that flawless skin, the curve of those uncovered shoulders, her bright green eyes — filled with hate for him, yes, but didn’t even the hate in those eyes look lovely?”

Very nice.