A new Goodreads fan!

grokTerrific news!  Mr. Grok Testuser on Goodreads is reading one of my books — twice!  I’m waiting for the scathing page-long review.


Science fiction football cover

stadium crr28 coverThere’s a headline I don’t see often. This is a cover I might have put up had I used Red Right ’28 as the title story for the 3-story collection, Tropic of Labrador.  That’s the stadium in Cleveland . . . in a May Day red-shift.

Tropic of Labrador

tropic 2New reading: three stories set later this century.

-A Clevelander (who else?) reforms football and falls for the enemy
-A bored national security agent asks: Why spy when you can own?
-A bar owner adapts in 2080:


Candy’s Restaurant, Myra’s Sunset Grill, Abuela Maria’s, our good friends at Herman’s Surf Shack, and the First Nation cafeteria were among the entrants. Jellyfish are nutritious, especially when combined with other foods, and delicious, especially when combined with other foods.