Giant prehistoric armadillos!

In my fantasy novel The Pennants of Larkhall, I have a scene with a very large armadillo-like animal called an armorback. I honestly did not know, or at any rate the front-most portions of my brain had forgotten, that such animals really lived: glyptodons and doedicuruses. Here are photos:

Glyp 800px-Doedicurus_and_Glyptodon

Doedicurus (L) and glyptodon









They were some of the American megafauna that went extinct about the time that humans moved in. So there may indeed have been scenes like this one:





Let’s put these on the list to clone and reintroduce, once we’ve got mammoths established.


Picking through the ruins of a civilization

lotrrisk1It looks like my son and I have arrived too late to see the heyday of the Lord of the Rings Risk Trilogy Edition community. Such a sinking feeling when you find a great website/forum and realize that the last post was two years ago, with most of the action taking place long before that. The oldness of the internet sometimes catches me by surprise.

This is the site:

The streets are well-ordered, but empty. It’s like a collection of grand Mayan stelae and ball courts left empty in an abandoned city, c. 900 A.D. It’s like the silted harbors of Greytown, Nicaragua, a decade after the Panama Canal has opened and no one needs to travel overland across the isthmus anymore. It’s like the hall of images in the dead city of Charn. It’s like . . . you see what I mean.