Dunters, a.k.a. red caps

Dunters, sometimes known as red caps, are somewhat like orcs but have . . . worse teeth, if that’s possible. 


Dunter holding musket – by Luka Cakic

They are technologically more savvy than orcs, although they copy rather than invent. They also have powerful females who will at least rule a fortified manor with an iron hand even if they don’t typically join war parties.

Probably the best-known depiction of a dunter commonly found online is from the 1978 book Faeries by Alan Lee and Brian Froud. I feel bad for these guys because their illustration is so seldom attributed:


From the fine 1978 book Faeries by Alan Lee and Brian Froud!









There is also a dunter to be seen on a beer label, but he’s gone bourgeois on us:








Rotoscoped orcs

Here begins a series of posts about orcs and dunters.

Some striking orcs appeared in the 1978 animated version of Lord of the Rings — at least my 11-year-old self thought they were striking.


Rotoscoped orcs from Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 LOTR movie

I thought these looked unique, and menacing. Of course, what was unique in 1978, when one was 11, may be less unique now — but then again, rotoscoping is still pretty rare. 

Now, many commenters online have panned these orcs . . . for example see this comprehensive treatment of the film by Erik David Even:


Quantum vis . . . regardless, I think these rotoscoped fellows are clearly better than the pig-nosed variants who appeared for awhile in Dungeons & Dragons books.