Link to The Pennants of Larkhall

Epic fantasy for kindle and in paperback. 

Prince Harlan ascends the throne of Larkhall on the battlefield when his father is killed beside him. He instantly inherits the invasion of corpse-like Northerners which rages around him – and also a surging blight, centered on an ancient crater, which has been turning farms to ash and will soon starve his people even if they repel the invaders. The legends of Larkhall contend that a monarch might end the blight by descending into the crater and a cavern system within. With the help of his capable sister Calandra, his mother Rowena, and his great uncle Orovein – but opposed by his ambitious and desperate cousin Amira – Harlan must choose between abandoning his people to a poisonous siege or watching their homeland literally turn to dust. Harlan knows the chronicles and lore of his ancestors, who have fought for centuries for their kingdom and its people; but none has stopped the blight or withstood an army like the one outside the gates of Larkhall.


The quarters of the royal family were not exempt from hosting refugees. A long dining hall with stained glass windows and a soaring arched ceiling became the home for twenty farm families; they pushed the dining table to one side of the hall and set it on its edge. Tapestries centuries old served as dividers to provide a bit of privacy.

The chamberlain of the royal quarters grew irritated and spoke to Princess Calandra.

“Those tapestries are art, milady; they are centuries old. Do you see that one in the middle of the room?”

He pointed to an imposing tapestry that stretched nearly all the way across the dining hall. Calandra saw that a small child was pulling down on it at one corner with her left hand so she could trace the outline of a deer in the scene with her right.

“The one with the deer,” Calandra said. “I see it, yes.”

“That was a wedding gift from the Emperor of Mizeurra to King Quinlen and Queen Rose, over four hundred years ago.”

“Well. I’m sure they would all be happy that we are getting good use of it.”

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